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Gown Preservation

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Gown Preservation
After you say 'Yes To The Dress' and 'I Do' to your groom, bring your gown to the professionals at Evaline's Bridal. We will clean and heirloom your gown to preserve the memories of your special day!
It may not be in the forefront of your mind while planning your nuptials, but securing a plan to keep your dress intact after the celebration is something to consider.
Evaline's Bridal is the go-to spot for preserving your dress after the party. We are wedding gown preservationist and restoration specialists. We understand that wedding gowns are a one of a kind item, and should be restored and preserved with great care.
We recommend bringing in the gown within two weeks after the wedding for the first inspection, during which we look for stains, damage, missing beads, ect. After that, we start the cleaning process, which includes numerous inspections before preserving the gown with a harmless, odorless gas. The goal is to keep the dress wearable and fit to be passed down from generation to generation.
At Evaline's, know the importance of tradition. Our personal goal is to help preserve family history by giving your dress a prestige preservation and restoration treatment that will last for generations to come!

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